MEDITATIONS FROM THE HEART

                                 By Uriah J. Fields

These meditations  with few exceptions are taken from  the recently published book, "The Saint Troubadour" by Uriah J. Fields. For the most part, they are addressed to the deepest needs and aspirations of the human spirit.  As indicated in the "Author's Note" in the book, "The purpose remains ever the same to focus the mind and heart upon the 'within' as the true Source and the milieu of the Full Life Process. A great Master taught that the kingdom is 'within' you.

                                                                  1. Self-Love

{When was the last time you said to someone "I love you?" When was the last time you said to yourself "I love you?" Do you love others before or more than you love yourself? Self-love is neither narcissism or egoism.}

As early as I can remember anything I heard the mandate to love others, my parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, God, America, ice cream, baseball and on and on the list continued.

But never do I remember during my early years hearing, and seldom in my later years that I should love myself. What I did hear often, loud and clear and continue to hear even now, if only I would listen, is, "loving yourself is selfishnenss and a cardianl sin."

However, I read in the Bible that Jesus said "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." (Matt. 19.19). While musing over this statement I asked myself, "Did Jesus get it wrong? Didn't He mean to say, "Love yourself as you love your neighbor?' I soon had an insight that changed my understanding and practice of love and loving. I knew that Jesus, not the advocators of "Love-others, not yourself" got it right.

Self-Love is not selfishness or narcissism. Casual observation reveals that behind the facade of unselfishness, even when it is a mother loving her child, is self-centeredness, not love. That same mother expressing love for her child may offer no love to another mother's child. If a mother is able to love her child she is capable of loving any  mother's child. If she can love only others, or certain others, she cannot love at all and does not love herself.

Self-love is the prerequisite for loving another person. Just as a person's greatest responsibility is to himself, his greatest, expression of love is for himself. There can be no greater manifestation of love than a person loves himself.

Meister Echart contends that,"If you love yourself, you will love everybody as you do yourself. ...He is a great and righteous person who, in loving himself loves all others equally."

Cease to be misled by or be afraid of pundits, who feign as do-gooders and masquerade as lovers while declaring that love others is more important than love of oneself, even though it is at the expense of love for oneself. Loving oneself is healthy, honorable and noble. To love yourself is to emulate God. "God is love." In loving yourself you demonstare that you are a child of God. Loving oneself is the highest expression of love a human can do. Without loving oneself a person is not capable of truly loving others or God.

Love yourself. You are worthy to be loved by yourself more than by anyone else and you are capable of loving yourself more than anyone else is capable of loving you.

Let loving yourself become your lifestyle. Make it a habit to say, "I love myself, at least as often as you say, "I love you" to another person. People so seldom say, "I love myself." Oh now these three words "I love myself," lifts a person's spirt and empowers him to love powerfully, not only himself, but others and God, without the expectation of reciprocity. Say to yourself, "I love myself just as I am now." In acting, 'as if' you may discover that you love yourself. And be surprised by joy.

                                                                             2. Loving 

In loving no law can be the governing power except

the ultimate Law of Love;

Loving, like the Law of Love is confronted in every

situation with the question: What is the lovely thing

to do in this situation? When the Law of love reveals

the plan of action to be taken then all other laws

that conflict with the Law of Love become of no

effect, void, and impractical.

Loving is doing the lovely thing in every situation.

When I am loving I am in harmony with the Universe.

                                                                                                                                                                        3. Take Care of Yourself


{My friend, while you are on

your journey take care of


John the Revelator in a

personal letter writes:

"Dear friend, I pray above all

things that you may enjoy

good health... ."(3 John 2)}


Take care of yourself;

That is the most important thing

that you can do for yourself.

Be your own best friend.

Do not let the desires of your heart,

the dictates of others or default deny

 you the good that is rightly yours.



Take care of yourself, be positive,

follow your heart, and enjoy life.

You are precious and the epitome

of beauty.


Take care of yourself;

You are worthy, Creation's prize

and a child of the Universe

You rank with angels;

Your body is the Temple of God,

and your soul is Spirit connecting you

with Hm and directing your actions.


Take care of yourself;

At the top of the list is your health,

that means more than wealth;

And spiritual health that is

transcendent of heredity and the

environment enables you to do

good, enjoy life and have peace.


4. Follow Your Heart 

The choice that you make at any given moment is underpinned and directed by your heart (soul), head (mind), or emotions (feelings). Usually these three power mechanisms are in conflict or competition with each other  as each one vies to gain the right to determine what will be the nature of the pending choice.

Being a soul being you have been created to be directed by the heart, not by your head or emotions. Like the heart, the mind and the emotions have their proper roles to play in enabling a person to be fully human and live a healthy life. But they are meant to be in subjection to and function in cooperation with the heart.

Even though the heart does not always control decision-making it should have the supremacy role to play in decision-making. Soul power that propels the heart is never more powerful and a person never loves as powerfully as when he follows his heart.

Whenever these determinants are locking horns, however gently or intensely it may be as they vie for control, let your ultimate choice be to flollow your heart.

When you follow your heart your actions are appropriate because at that moment you are doing the lovely thing. And when well served love is always good and right in every situation.

No, you won't learn this at Harvard or in kindergarten. But you can lean this by simply listening to your soul. To listen to your soul is to care for your soul. And when you care for your soul your soul will care for you.

Let this be your solemn vow: Follow your heart.


                                      5. Life Is Delectable                                                             

It's a great day to be alive;

I will rejoice and be glad in it.

It's enough to be alive;

To have meaning in survival,

To see the sea and sky,

and watch, even be a part

of the Creative Process;

To eat, talk, walk, play, work, sleep;

To love and be loved;

To feel pain and joy, and the breeze

of an invisible wind;

'To be free to be self and not have

to be some body else;

To embace full life,

and live just for today.

For this is the eternal now;

the delectable state that it is.


6. Who Is Great?

Who is great?

Who are the great ones?

I went in search of the great ones,

I found kings and presidents, potentates

and wise men;

I examined halls of  Fame and special


I embaked upon a journey to Heaven

and Hell but was told by the gate keeper

"There are no great ones here," a heavenly

voice proclaimed, and added,"But you

are not great."

Now, I know for myself, there is no

great person, only folk like you and me.


7. Thank you God 

O gracious and holy God,

Thank You for being awesome and loving;

Thank You for Your presence and mercy,

for health and provisions, that include food,

shelter, clothing and safety;

Thank You for nature, the sea and sky,

vegetation, and all living things;

Thank You for the beauty that is throughout

the Cosmos;

Thank You for having adopted me into Your

family and proudly I can say, "I am a child of God."

Thank You for eternal hope and the blessed

assurance that my future is in your hand and

it is secure.

Thank You for this day;

In this prayer Dear God I have no desire to

ask You for anything or even to praise Your 

name, the latter I delight in doing each day.

In this prayer I just want to Thank You God.

Again I say, Thank You God.


8. I Am Thankful

Blessings are everywhere, beneath me,

above me, around me, within me.

I dare not try to count my blessings

because like the grains of sand, they

are innumerable. My bessings make

me do strange things, I shout, laugh,

smile and even shed tears of joy.

To you   I say, Thank you. I am

thankful to myself, And above all else 

I am thankful to God. I am thankful...

I am thankful... I am thankful.


9. Ask God for Guidance

                 and Give Him Thanks                  

{There can be no guidance without

a guide. God is the Supreme Guide.

The noblest thing we can do is to

give and the greatest gift we can

give is thanks - thanks to God.}


To ask God for guidance and give him

thanks are a twosome par excellence.

There is not a litany of things I ask

God for when I pray; Just this one

thing. I ask Him for guidance.

Having his guidance I will do the rest.

In a similar manner, there is only one

thing that I offer to God; I give Him

thanks. In my givng thanks to God

I give thanks for everything. There

are many ways to express thanks.

Since I discovered what to ask God

for and what to give Him my request

of Him and expression of gratitude to

Him have been lacking in superfluity.

I simply and graciously ask God for

guidance and give Him my thanks.

And that has made all the difference

in my prayer life and way of being.


10. A You and Me Celebration

This is a you and me celebration, of you and me, by you

and me and for you and me.

Let us be here now, experience what is, create by choice

what we want, and relate fully with each other;

Let our presence be evident.

Real presence is real love, the sharing of self with the

other, the giving of ourselves completely.

We celebrate life;

So in pain or in joy there is meaning,

We are glad, we rejoice, life is delectable.

In celebration our deepest feelings are revealed, and

whether there is pain or joy we are enraptured

as we experience ourselves and our brothers and

our sisters. They look at us, they listen to us, they

understand us; they care deeply about us.

In celebration we strip naked,

We lay bare soul to soul.

We embrace each other and the Universe in the

eternal now.

We create a human chain of friendship in which no

link is any weaker than its strongest link.

So you and me, partly human and partly divine,

are all organismic process.

You are me and I am you,

You plus me make one, not two.

That's what it means to celebrate.

So let us celebrate now.


11. A Birthday Ave For My Sister

{A brother's birthday greeting for his blood sister.}


 My dear Sister Gretrude,

Your brother Uriah tenders this birthday Ave to you.

In the Holy Writ we read, "The length of our days is

seventy years -- or eighty if we have the strength."

Ps. 90:10).

You have reached that golden age and become an

ocogenarian. And knowing you, as I think I do,

     I know you are looking hopefully to the future.

It is no accident that you have lived these many years,

still in reasonably good health and briskly active.

You have lived an exemplary life. Indeed, you are

an exampe for others to follow.

So, let me share these words about how I perceive you.

Recalling our growing-up years I am compelled to say,

I am sure our mother would be pleased to hear what

her oldest son has to say about her oldest daughter.

I perceive you to be compasionate, eager to help others,

positive, embracng the good that exists; God-conscious, 

acknowledging God as your present companion, joyful -

maintaining joy even when happiness eludes you, for a

little while; grateful, taking nothing for granted but

everything as a blessing; and being an encourager who

inspires others to be hopeful and potential-directed.

Sister Grertrude, may your 80th Birthday Celebration,

be a memorable delight that affords you with

inspiration for victorious living in the future.

With Love...

Your Brother,


Aug. 2006 


12. This Is My America Too

(Let the real American stand up

and be counted. Let the real American

dare to speak  his/her  own  thoughts

and  reveal  his/her  own  identity.

America is mine! America is yours!}


This is my America too.

I will not be silent and stand idly by

when America is under seige by some

Americans who work day and night to

deny feedom and justice for all Americans



So let the word go forth I will not

surrender to fiendish ideologues now

or tomorrow who feign being patriotic

Americans while questioning my

patriotism. This is my America too.


This is my America too.

And I want the fiendish ideologues to

know America is worth fighting for and

I am willing and ready to fight to extend

freedom  and  justice  for  all  Americans


13. Conversation on Sex 

"How is your sex life?" "My sexual plight." Either of these two assertions could have been the subject of a conversation I heard four senior women  discuss while I was  engaged  in a bit of eavesdropping. Read on and you can decide.


Yesterday, while I was walking down a long hallway in an apartment complex, just before approaching the lounge that is at a fory-five degree angle from the end of  the hallway, I heard four senior women in the lounge talking about their sex lives. Upon hearing this conversation   about sex that titilated me, I immediately stopped walking and did a bit of eavesdropping as I sought to  stay out of the site of these ladies and hear more of what they had to say.

One woman said, "These days a man is hard to find, especially, when you are our age." (I   supposed she meant over sixty). She indicated that she was still interested in finding a man. The second woman said,  "Well, I am not

interested any more in having a man. Those days are over for me. What   woman my age needs a man?"

The third woman, unlike the other three women were married and seemingly having a desire to either sympathize with or encourage the single women said, "You can never know when the   right man will show up." She added, "I am a witness that it can happen." The fourth woman , unlike the other three women who were sitting, was standing and holding on to a walker, but looking as "fit as a fiddle." She said "I don't even know whether or not I can do anything  anymore. My music box hasn't been played since my husband died eight years ago."  To that the other women bursted out laughing. One of them said "That's a good way to describe it, music box." About that time I, a male, also feeling as "fit as a fiddle" approached these women letting   them know that I had heard their conversation when I said "I am a musicmaker. Some people call me a master musician." Surprised to hear a male's voice, three of them again bursted out with laughter. Most surprised and seemingly slightly embarrassed, the woman with the "not-recently  played music box" attempted to respond to me in a way that she decided against and then said,  "I better not say that." After a delay she said to me "So you play?" I responded, "But I only play fine tunes." Again, three  of these  women  laughed as if they  were  experiencing paroxysmal emotional  excitement. I took my  harmonica, my  troubadouring  instrument, that  has  earned me the name Uriah Harp, that I am seldom without from my pocket and played a measure or two.
Then I reiterated "You see, I am a musicmaker."

As I was about to enter the elevator on the opposite side of the lounge from which I had entered, not to be outdone, the woman with the "not-recently  played  music  box" said, "Maybe we can do it in the elevator?" I replied just before stepping into the elevator, "The  elevator is  too small because when I play music I am like a wild man, all over the place." I  wonder  what  did those women say after my departure. What do you think?"


14. A Way of Being

{Set before everyone are ways, ways and ways from which to choose. There are ways that lead to health and life and there are ways that lead to destruction and death. To choose a way or ways that engenders meaning in livingness is the ultimate demonstration of love for oneself, others and God.}

A way of being means a way of being authentic. There are diferent ways of being authentic. The hallmark of being authentic, rather than counterfeit is hralth. Also a mark of authetic being is fullfilment. The focus hete is on a way of being or lifestyle that when conscientiously embraced promotes "quality of lifk" and 'not "sandard of living." Many people who  have a high sandard of living have an inferior or a lack of quality of life.

The components of this way of being are:

1. Diet. A person is what he eats although he is more than that. Eat properly and with sinplicity. The staple foods include vegetable, small peortions of red mant, maybe twice a week, and fish and chicken on the remaining days of the week. Eat nuts and fruits, small amounts of salt and sugar, not much or no alochol and just say no to tobacco products.

2. Exercise. Walk two, three or four miles a day. This is the best kind of exercise a person can do.   It is not ecesssary to horse around with gym equipment. You have never seen a horse riding a bicycle. However, gym exercise is better than no deliberate exercise at all. Fidgeting around or up and down has merit, as well as dancing. Wiggling your toes and fingers tapping your feet, waving your arms and engaging in other childlike exercises that for the most part can be done in your home, some even while you are in bed, are valuable. Engaging creatively in sexual activities is a plus. In this regard, we can learn from observing the behavior of other animals' sexual engagement, maybe, a horse and his female partner, a picture that  remains in my mind 's eye from when I was a farm boy. Of course, human beings will do their thing lovingly. But maybe, other animals also behave lovingly while engaging in intimacy.

3. Spirituality. Spirituality is God-consciousness. Essentially it is a relationship with the Creator. God-man interrelatedness consists of a connectedness that is nourished by comunication that includes prayer, meditation, communion, contemplation, silence, listening, experiencing nature and surrender. These acts create the spiritual vibrations that deepen ones relationship with the Cosmos and the Creator.

Other nuances of these three coponents that are germane to this way of  being are serving, including self-serving; work, meaning any activity one engages in that produces something of value; play that is noncompetitive, for enjoymet; sharing stories, laughter, tactile contacts that may include hugging and physical embracing another person, and singing. Singing, for that matter, music in general, is food for the soul as sell as preventive and recovery medicine. Singing is one way to care for the soul. And when you care for yur soul, your soul wil care for you. Just about everything I have mentioned so far is too be engaged in daily. In the model prayer of Jesus, commonly referred to as, "The Lord's Prayer," the adnomishment is: "Give us this day, our daily bread."

The way of being presented here is not goal-oriented nor advanced by striving. Goals and striving can interfere with this way of being which is process-attuned. The modus operandi of this way of being is "being in the flow." where ther is freedom of the spirit. I call this way of being the Mutuality way of being or the way of the troubadour, because it embodies the consciousnes of the mind, body and soul that mutually foster heightening awareness, self-expression, creativeness, faith, love and self-transcendence in perpetual redemptive living that is like unto the abstaction of a spirial that in its continuous and perpendicular evolving returns to the point of its begining at a higher level, in this case, of higher consciousness, than it was when last at that point. Utimately, this way of being is eternity or eternity is in it in the eternal now.

Finally, I do not wish to convey the impression that this way of being is the only way of being which has merit or may be right for you. However, there is not any other ways of being that I can speak of as passionately and with the confidence that I can witnes about as the Mutuality Way of Being, the Way of the Troubadour. Indeed, it is my lifestyle and besides it has and continues to proivde me with optimum health and fulfillment. And some other being in this way have testified in a manner similiar to mine. What can I say? Wow! Hallelujah!


15. This is Man

Yearning to be one with God,

Fallen from grace, yet in need of grace;

Lost, restless, heartbroken;

Pleading daily for the Master's touch;

Praying in hope while he sings the  song,

"God is my refuge." This is man.


16. My Life flows On

In Endless Song

My life flows on in endless song,

My soul soars like an eagle,

I hear the Cosmic Voice saying,

Behold, I make all things new.

No storm can take from me my peace

While in true faith I'm living;

It rings the joy bells in my soul.

How can I keep; from singing?

How can I keep from singing?"


My life flows on in endless song,

Transcending all mundaneness;

I hear the music in the air,

I feel the presence of God.

Nothing can take my joy from me

While in my heart I'm singing.

I'll sing my song -- yes my song,

How can I keep from singing?

How can I keep from singing?


My life flows on in endless song

Unperturbed by circumstance.

The power of love within me

Is stronger than foe or friend;

No condition has advantage

While on His arms I'm leaning.

The presence of love surrounds me.

How can I keep from singing?

How can I keep from singing?


17. We Are the Children

of the Universe

{Refrain: The Refrain is sung at the

beginning and after each stanza or at

the beginning and after the last stanza.}


We are the children of the Universe;

Our Father has given the Earth to us

And we will care for it just as we care

for our souls.


1. We are the children who are playing

and laughing; We feel free to be ourselves

and live our lives as we choose.


2. We are the children who are working

and helping; We are glad to be useful

and able to serve others.


3. We are the children who are learning

and loving; We are growing each day we

live in knowledge and in wisdom.


4. We are the children who are singing

and dancing; We are happy as we can

be. Life is a celebration.

(Please Note: Lead sheet music is available for

this song and most other songs posted on this

Web Site. If interested, contact the composer).


18. Positive Thoughts and Good Feelings

{Your positive thoughts can make you feel

good and together make you happy.}

Think positively and feel good.  This is a formula for happiness. Happiness is the ultimate desire and yearning of the human spirit. Just as music is a universal language, happiness is a universal yearning. People engage in many kinds of endeavors in their pursuit of happiness and often they  are futile, producing not happiness, but disappointment, despair and anguish. They pursue and chase after rainbows, accumulate money and acquire power only to discover that happiness has alluded them.

Yet, the path of happiness is not tedious, difficualt or mystrious. Happiness through consciousness. That is the only path to true happiness. The way of happiness is not a secret. Simply by embracing or, better still, embodying, positive thoughts and good feeling you can be happy, i.e., heightening consciousness. Furthermore, you will know that you are happy. It is possible, however, to be unhappy because you do not know that you are happy. Equally as important, you will not need someone else to prescribe for you a remedy for your unhappiness. For that you will have to go within.

Because thoughts and feelings, both negative and positive, are interwined, and because thoughts produce feelings, not the other way around, at least not fundamentally or notedly, thoughts are the key determinant of happiness. It is as if when you think right you will feel good. To feel good is no small matter. Feeling good has to be one of the top ten, if not top three, of all personal achievements. How we feel determines our behavior. The fruits of a joyous person are many and not leeast of them are health, kindness, love and peace. This resonated with John the Apostle when he wrote in his Epistle to the family of God, "Beloved, I wish above all things that you in health." (3 Jn. 1.2).c

Thoughts may be negtive or positive. Admittedly, to a certain degree, we cannot prevent negative thoughts from entering our minds. What we can do is apply control of our thoughts. Thought control is a matter of thought replacement, i.e., replacing a negative thought with a positive thought. Sometimes this requires bombarding a negative thought with positive thoughts. This depends on a person having a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude is a choice that nobody or no some thing can deny a person. This accounts for a certain person behind bars in prison being free while a certain person not behind physical bars being imprisoned in his body, mind, and soul. 

Although having a positive attitude is situational it is not a situational things. That is to say, having  a positive attitude capable of keeping a person in the happiness process has to be a lifestyle that enables a him to discern between negative and positive thoughts, quite often instantaneously, while the thoughts are still in the thinking stage. After all, thought is the the past of think. Replacing a negative thought with a positive thought can be a mind game that is intriguig, primarily, because the game is not to be taken seriously. Sometimnes, this means that in order to replace a negative thought with a positive thought a person has to change the context to a construct and look at the concept or idea in a different way and give it a different meaning than the context suggests or prescribes. Remember, context need not have the last word unless the person with the thought makes it so. Just because on a cloudy day someone announces that "this is a bad day," does not mean that you have to agree. You may just choose to see how many ways you can enjoy a cloudy day and if it rains on your parade, enjoy the rain, maybe, like you did when you were a child.  Context is not immutable. In today's vernacular this is like unto the expression "think globally, not locally." Do not allow limited thinking or negative thinking to deprive you of joy.

Learn to accept and trust your feelings and that means your bad and good feelings. Equally as important is to be in touch with your feelings. Do not suppress or deny your feelings. Maybe you will verbally declare as I do when I am tempted to deny my feelings, "Damnit! I feel!" Your feelings can be the  best thing that ever happened to you because, to repeat, your feelings more than anything else, determines your behavior. Think for a moment about how the fear-feelings have caused, or can cause, you to behave.

Let go of your bad feelings by replacing your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. You have a right to feel good. It is conceivable that the reason you were created an autonomous person is so that you can be happy, even if other persons around you choose to be unhhapy. To reiterate, your thoughts are the antecedents of your good feelings which are the underpinnings of your happiness.Your happiness is your responsibility. It all boils down to "happiness through consciousness."


19. Each Life Is Free

I do my choosing and that's my business;

You do your choosing and that's your business;

We both can choose life or death and sorrow,

Each life is free to rise or fall.



My life is my life; Your life is your life;

We can choose the highway or the barren low way.

We can make the choices, but there are consequences;

Each life is free to rise or fall.


You can be happy or live in misery;

It's true that you're free to live life your way.

But blame nobody for your unhappiness;

Each life is free to rise or fall.


I choose the highway, the way of promise;

I hope that you choose the highway also.

We both deserve life in all its fullness;

Each life is free to rise or fall.



:Each life is free to rise or fall.: (Fade)


20. Kindness

What is man's greatest possession?"

The Master asked his Chosen Ones.

Knowledge, said the Educator;

Power, said the Ruler;

Money, said the Financier;

Freedom, Said the Emancipator,

Justice, said the Judge;

Home, said teh Youth;

Equality, said the Equalitarian;

Pleasure, said the Sensualist;

Peace, said the Reconciler;

Faith, said the Clergyman;

Love, said the Paramour;

Beauty, said the Esthete;

Victory, said the Soldier;

Health, said the Physician;

Truth, said the Wise Man;

Might, said the Potentate;

Popularity, said the Egotist;

Wisdom, said the Philosopher;

Tolerance, said the Moralist;

Generosity, said the Altruist;

Leisure, said the Idler;

Happiness, said the Dreamer.

The Master proclaimed in a high tone,

"The answer is not here!"

Then with a gentle voice He said,

"KINDNESS is man's greatest possession."


21. The Saint Troubadour's Song


I write the song, I sing the song,

I live the song, I sing about.

It's the song of my journey as a

dedicated Saint Troubadour.


That journey takes me near and far,

But most of all it is a journey within.

That journey though at times a battleground

engaging my Troubadour's soldiering power

in a fight for my survival... Yes, I can say,

sweet is the journey on the Troubadour's road, 

And I wouldn't take anything for my journey.


I see the people reaching out

And I hear them say, "Oh Troubadour, Please stay."

I share with them as best I can before moving on

to be alone listening to life sing the song

that says we are one... Yes, I can say,

sweet is the journey on the Troubadour's road

And I wouldn't take anything for my journey.


That journey is an encounter

With life and death and celebration of life.

My journey gives me hope that travelers like

myself will demonstrate how real love makes

whole and sets free all who are unfree... Yes, I can say,

sweet is the journey on the Troubadour's road

And I wouldn't take anything for my journey. 


22. Who Are You, Dedicated

Saint Troubadour?

Who are you, dedicated Saint Troubadour?

You said it...

I am a dedicated Saint Troubadour;

That's exactly who I am.

I am a man of war and peace,

Of steel and velvet;

I stand ready to protect and defend,

To nurture

And to give all to love.



Who are you dedicated Saint Troubadour?

I'll tell you...

I am a dedicated Saint Troubadour;

A responsible person

Committed to living a life

That makes a difference,

I seek neither the world's

fame nor fortune,

But I'll gladly

Give all to be free.


Who are you dedicated Saint Troubadour?

Do feel me...

I am a dedicated Saint Troubadour;

And my presence permeates

and illuminates everything

In my surroundings.

When you're near me a special scintilating


Saturates our beings.


Who are you, dedicated Saint Troubadour?

In conscience... 

I am a dedicated Saint Troubadour.

As a consciousness riaser

I motivate people to practice


Freely sharing their talents with others

is having

essentials in common.  


23. I Am In the Dedicated Saint

Troubadour Stance

:I am in the dedicated Saint Troubadour stance

when I lift my right hand against destructiveness,

extend my left hand in caring and raise my two

hands in praise. Right hand, left hand, two hands,

in praise... :// In praise... . //


24. Pledge of the Dedicated

Saint Troubadour

I lift my right hand against destructiveness,

I extend my left hand in caring,

I raise my two hands in praise.

With my right hand I confront fear, oppose

greed, deflate egoism, challenge laziness,

disarm the abuser, expose the manipulator

and deprive the parasite.

These are seven destroyers of life.

With my left hand I administer compassion,

embrace intimacy, engage in play, express

uniqueness, bestorw honor, inspire oneness

and give all to love.

These are seven "enhancers" of life.

With my two hands I glorify God, enjoy

salvation, mximize health, empower friends,

prclaim truth, safeguard freedom and

promote peace.

These are seven delights of life.

In this full life stance I am; I know; I feel;

I transcend.  I am being the knowing, the

feeling, the doing, the transcending.


25. Let the Lover Say "I Love You"

People so seldom say I love you.

But oh how these three words, "I love you,"

touch the heart as nothing else can do.

And then it's too late or love goes away...

far, far away. So when I tell you I love you

it doesen't mean that I know you'll never leave

me, only that I wish you didn't have to go.

And before it's too late or love goes away

Let me tell you now from the depth of my heart,

I love you, I love, I love you.


When did you last say, "God, I love You?"

But oh how these three words, "I love You,"

touch God's heart as few things you can do,

And then God seems lost and like Job you

ask, where has He gone? So when I tell God

I love Him it's not because I need Him to keep

on blessing me, But I need Him because I love

Him .... And while I am able to speak words of 

love I will say it now to my God and First Love,

:I love You, I love You, I love You.: (Fade)


26. Meditations: For

Betime, Dawn and Daytime


Go to Sleep My Child

(Chant, sing or say aloud at bedtime,

just before going to sleep.)

Go to sleep my child;

Tonight your Heavenly Father

holds you in His bosom. (4x)


Awake at Dawn

(Chant, sing or say aloud after

arising from bed.)

Awake at dawn with a winged heart

and give thanks for another day

of living. (living, loving or beauty). (4x)


This Is My Day

(Chant, sing or say aloud at daytime during

your waking hours.)

This is my day! Wow!

What a day it is!

I will live this day to its fullest! (4x)


27. Mutuality Meditation Mantra

I am mediating.

It is quiet within me

and all is calm.

My senses are asleep

And I am in he depth of my


I am fully surrendered

to the only Cosmic Power there is.

I am at peace... I am at peace... I am at peace.


Instructions:  The "Mutuality Meditation Mantra"

may be sung or recited during the meditation

exercise. Memorize this Mantra.

1. Sit in a comfortable position.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Breathe naturally but slowly. (Several times

inhaling and exhaling.)

4. Sing or say (aloud) the Mutuality Meditation Mantra.

5. Continue sitting in quietnesss for fifteen minutes.

Should other thoughts come to your mind, repeat several

times the last four words of the Mantra, "I am at peace."

6. Practice the meditation exercise two or three times a day.

7. Be open to receive your blessing. Serendipity is on the way.


28. A Quantum Leap in Spiritual Actualization

A human transformation that couldn't, wouldn't and didn't happen in ages - during all recorded human history and it is probably correct to say in all human existence -- is now within human reach. A human transformation appears to be imminent.

Transformation, the result of evolution, has been considered possible only  by a few higher consciousness people. Others have rejected the idea. There is a point or place in existence when time is either in suspension or it is nebulous. It cannot be considered a barometer for measuring or determining adventful phenomena such as a human transformation. At that point when time dissolves into timelessness it becomes the "fullness of time" which bears no resemblance to clock or calendar time. It is then that things, including time, which appeared to  be and were accepted as being true, based on our limited understanding and perception of reality, and to repeat; things that wouldn't, couldn't and didn't occur during a million years or the whole of human existence and were designated by those we accepted as being our most reliable authorties, as "impossible occurences," - happened, "things that cannot be" instantaneously in the eternal  now.

When such an apocalyptic occurrence which is contrary to human "conceptualization of the possible" and the "law of probability" transforms not just an individual or tribe but impacts in a revolutionary manner the human race it cannot be called a miracle, even though it is miraculous, to say the least. We are compelled to acknowledge it for what it is, a "quantum leap" - the catapulting of man into Paradise where he will again experience life in all it fullness on a higher level than was possible for him when he occupied the Garden of Eden. This, then is more than Paradise in the classic or traditional sense of the term. Evolved and enlightened man whose consciousness has been heightened cannot claim innocence any longer or re-enter Paradise by the route of innocence. Now, with the end of inocence he can only return, as it were, to Paradise on a higher level than when he was in innocence. Even if it was possible for him to return to Paradise in his prior Paradise state he could not do so and  be creative and happy. Man's entry into Paradise has to be on a higher level than original man, a level that is commensurate with his higher consciousness. The new Paradise can be defined as a state of "pure consciousness."

Man's entry into the new Paradise should not be considered to be regaining or rediscovering Paradise but discovery and/or creation of Paradise. Paradise, is in part, created  by man, who now, because of his higher consciousness, has a readiness which he did not have before to claim and occupy an inheritance which has been  bequeathed to those of higher consciousness. The mandate given to man by his Creator, at the beginning, was "the earth is yours - partake of her riches, have dominion over her, and enjoy the fruit she yields."

In a quantum leap forward from their more animal-like rather than more God-like, predecessors, the Neanderthals, some 100,000 years ago - 65,0000 years before being abruptly replaced  by Cro-magnons - invented language, art, music and mystical teachings and laid the foundation of commerce, class distinction, and even fashion. Cro-magnons are the supreme accomplishment of that quantum-like leap.

Call this birthing of humanity being - maybe, certainly not Armageddon...a new creation - a second quantum leap of man's evolution. This second time around quantum leap cannot be considered a reooccurence of the earlier quantum leap in cultural evolution which occurred a hundred millenniums ago. It is a evolutionary - apocalyptic; spiritual and cosmic consciousness and advancement. Ecologically, this state of consciousness is about man and his relationship to the world and the Cosmos. This advanced state of human existence differs from a utopia in esseniality. Spirit and consciousness, characterize this transformational process rather than materiality and political power which are chief features of a utopia. The transformational process results from synchronization of the seven elements which constitute human nature, i.e., physical, mental, emotional, economic, social, political and religious. When this occurs there is harmony within the individual, between man and man and man has a sense of  belongingness  -being one with the Cosmos.  Man's qantum leap forward into spiritual  actualization transforms the individual and society and creates a condition which can best be described as the Ultimate Community or World House.

The prognostication can be stated in this manner: in the practice of a religion of transcendence man does not merely endure and prevail, he takes a quantum leap and - by leaps and bounds - claims the victory which was always his, but at first being a creature of innocence and after that, being restricted or relegated to lower consciousness he didn't know who he was, i.e., until he received enlightenment which seems destined to compel him to take a quantum leap that will catapult him into "pure consciousness." As a transcendent being living in the transformational process, also called the "Full Life Process," man will not only enjoy the fruit of the earth but will enter, in actuality, beyond, into that dimension which until now, has been available in an operational sense to only God and a few human beings, included among them were Abraham, Moses, Jesus and  Buddha. And only to Jesus is a complete sense. Man is destined to live victoriously and enjoy eternal peace on earth. This is our message and faith - our commitment to full life in  the Eternal Now as we dwell in the Full House and it is the abiding evidence that "We chose life in all its fullness."


My book "The Seven Story Nature of Man," where the above article appears, is our saga and we must tell it over and over again, until man and society are transformed into Humanity Being and Communty Being, respectively, and the lifestyle of perpetual celebration reigns on earth no less than the presence of the Creator Himself.

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